Connection Check by Gary68

Version 2.0


file ../planet/faroe_islands.osm Sun Mar 22 06:47:29 2009
number ways total: 559
number invalid ways (1 node only): 1
number check ways: 0
number against ways: 88

Check ways: highway:motorway highway:motorway_link highway:trunk highway:trunk_link

Against: highway:primary highway:primary_link highway:secondary highway:tertiary junction:roundabout

Unconnected Start/End

These ways are either unconnected at start or end (or both). Please be aware that most osm files are excerpts of some sort with cut ways at their limits. This causes false positives! In case of countries or other entities with boundaries they can easily be spotted in maps or JOSM because there are borders in the vincinity.

Line WayId Unconnected OSM/OSB Start JOSM Start OSM/OSB End JOSM End Pic Start Pic End

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