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area:yes waterway:riverbank aeroway:terminal aeroway:apron man_made:surveillance building:yes leisure:park leisure:playground amenity:bus_station amenity:college amenity:ferry_terminal amenity:hospital amenity:parking amenity:school amenity:university tourism:attraction tourism:zoo tourism:museum landuse:forest landuse:residential landuse:industrial landuse:cemetery natural:glacier natural:wood natural:water


file ../planet/monaco.osm Tue Mar 10 06:48:38 2009
number ways total: 327
number areas: 12

number open areas: 0

Open Areas

These ways have to be closed areas according to map features but the first node is not the same as the last. So area is probably not closed or not properly so. It is possible that parts of the way are drawn doubly (thus closing the area in a way).

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